The start of the INiTS startup camp

What a funny title, but hey it’s all about learning how to start and launch successfully 🙂 a startup.

Coming from a technical and rather artistic background, like architecture fitting in this small strictly selected group of business minded people will be a challenge.
But hey this is what we like the most, a good challenge. Half of the time I think that that was the reason why we won the Climatelaunchpad, seeing it as a challenge pushed us to go beyond ourselves and break all the boundaries we have created for us. This is why I believe a good challenge is always a great opportunity to grow, personally and as a team, to explore what are our limits?  Sometimes a challenge is as valuable as a feedback or even more.

In this INiTS startup camp I see that the challenge will be not only fitting into the group, but also following and matching their success rate. Most of the startups are more or less computer related, I know this seams like a too broad tearm to define then add such, but for me an environmentalist oriented towards hands on practical approaches, with experience in building real life objects and planning trees this is as much as I can do.
One week has passed since the beginning and I must say that against all odds I love being in such a group, these people know most of the stuff I need for my website, blog,  social media and  stuff like that, for which I usually used Google before constantly,  hahahahahha but now I feel like I have the Google right next to me all the time 🙂
The guys are all really nice and I like all their ideas, some I understand others more or less, but I’ll get there,  all in all I think it’s good for them too to have me a complete blank in computer science and to try to explain it to me what is it that what they are doing,  so I feel I’m giving them something in return, which is always good.

We learned a lot about what startup is,  like how they define it and lots on legal stuff and companies formation and all that. All lectures and people working in INiTS are real nice and super supportive, making us feel real encouraged most of the time, which is what you need I guess when you are starting a company with little to no money.

So yes I like it and I will be very happy to write to you again next week.

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