Monitoring the water and sediment volume of the world's water bodies with the first AI designed to do so

Sedimentation has long been the problem of humanity. 

Many ancient cities have been abandoned because we didn’t know how to deal with it. Today we do, and yet still predictions of International Coalition on Large Dams (ICOLD) are that we will lose 
42% of our reservoirs’ volume due to sedimentation alone by 2050.

If we add on this the burning issue of climate change, it is easy to guess that water will be the most precious resource in the upcoming decades.

We at Afforest for Future have designed a system to restore this and keep our water volumes intact making our rivers, canals and other water bodies navigable and clean. 

Now we want to scale our solution through a data platform, which will enable us to know where we are the most needed and outsource our know how. This new data will also give accurate predictions of how much sediment for our greening we have available. placing everything that we have into an AI specifically designed to mimic our scientists and create the first ever water platform accounting for sedimentation, 
making it the most accurate water platform in the world.

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