Preparing for Global Warming

Earlier in March our founder Vesela Tanaskovic gave a lecture titled “Me&Nis preparing for Global Warming”, addressing the burning issues we all face today, what is that, which I can do personally to help mitigate or slow down the Global Warming? The lecture was held for two Rotary clubs based in Nis, her home town situated in the south-est of Serbia. This particularly wide theme was very well perceived by the audience and we had a lovely discussion afterwards. Parts of the atmosphere can be seen here...

Everyone wants to contribute to mitigation actions, especially if such actions are explained and presented as few simple and easy steps to be taken on day to day basis. We all individually want to feel as if we are contributing to some greater good or simply to our community, and as long as this action is not something making us go too far out of our way to achieve it, there will always be compliance. At the end we all have children or have someone close to us who does, and  we wish them all the best, wanting them to grow and become much more than we ever dreamed possible for them to be, no matter how annoying they are sometimes :)))

So the challenge is on us, clean tech businesses, scientists and policy makers to explore, find and perceive new and simpler ways by which an ordinary citizen can be inspired to help in mitigating the Global Warming but yet in a such way which does not require of him/her to go into too much effort. Small things matter!

Be a vegan for a month and save 60 kg of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere :)))

Please try out this awesome vegan&planet calculator 

If we all became vegan only for a month we could save 425 852 000 tons of CO2 🙂 or what whole Mexico emits per year!

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  1. good great project for green grat future

  2. good great project for green grat future for all

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