We offer a system that can be easily tailored to any desert’s specific conditions.

Our patent-pending technology to sustainably and easily transport the mud from man-made lakes and use it as a top soil to plant desert native trees. Full ecosystem restoration approach - to bring down temperatures 
and make the world's deserts abundant food forests.

We use modular system approach, which enables us to reuse the same elements multiple times. This way the consumption of material is reduced to minimum, as we believe in 
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Which is exactly what we are doing with the mud. We recycle it in a environmentally healthy way. 
How do we do that?

First we dredge the mud that is clogging the dam and producing methane emissions into the atmosphere. 
We use clean energy to do so.

Second step is transporting the mud in a way that keeps all of it nutritive values (patented transportation system).

 Third we disperse the mud over degraded soil, thus creating 
topsoil ready for the plants to start thriving.

To create best possible conditions for the afforestation to take place, we use species that are locally grown, indigenous species. Some of them are already near extinction, this way we 
preserve biodiversity of arid regions.

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