Eurosoil 2016 in Istanbul, a safe and stunningly beautiful megapolis in October

Finally my report from the Eurosoil 2016 in Istanbul


The awesome Eurosoil 2016 Istanbul Congress



Prof. Ahmet Mermut, handing me the trophy for the best poster at the Eurosoil 2016 :))) and I received it on behalf of Dr Jovica Vasin a Serbian scientist who wasn’t present at the ceremony! LOL

The Eurosoil 2016 Istanbul Congress was first meant to be in July, but due to the unfortunate events of the failed coup in Turkey, it had to be postponed on the 16th of July or the day it was meant to start.

I boarded the plane that morning from Vienna to Istanbul, but we were lucky enough to land in Belgrade. Later I found out that many of my colleagues were not that fortunate and that a great number had arrived a day or two earlier in Istanbul and had to be evacuated by their embassies.

The congress got postponed and finally rescheduled for the 16th of October until 20th. To be honest I was a bit skeptical before arriving to Istanbul, about security, the likelihood of the events from July repeating or similar, but it was such a great congress that I couldn’t afford to miss it.  Straight upon my arrival all my doubts were dismissed, the city was guarded by police and special security like at the airport everywhere in sight. I felt relieved and very Istanbul Congresssecure! I enjoyed my stay entirely.

For this I would like to thank my awesome university TU Wien for awarding me a scholarship and helping me participate on the Congress.

My speech was on the first day in the afternoon session, so I got some time to relax and enjoy the opening speeches and ceremony, as well as Prof.Blum’s key note speech from the BOKU University. The first day people were a bit disoriented with speeches as there were unfortunately a lot of no shows, as it turned out at the end a lot of people who had arrived to the Eurosoil 2016 Istanbul Congress in July couldn’t come again in October.

Presentation day(s) and impressions

All this said my presentation went well! There were a bunch of people actually listening which is always great for science talks! 🙂  I shook up the Salon 3 that afternoon. There was a general understanding of the results and a great discussion, which led to new insights regarding removing the bottom lake sediments from the artificial lakes, which I initially didn’t took so much into consideration, but the methane production due to water pressure of decomposing organic matter is much bigger than I foresaw. Prof Bülent Turgut offered great articles from his department already dealing with this issues and Prof. Read R. Shahin from the Soils Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt great encouragement for the future of my research.

I am more than pleased with the outcome of this Congress as in regards to my research and the promotion of A4F as well as the TU Wien. I was the only representative from the Technical University of Vienna and the third Austrian together with Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Winfried E.H. Blum from BOKU and PD DR. Gerhard Soja MSC form Austrian Institute of Technology. It was a distinct pleasure to be in their company and participate in discussions at their table.Surrounded by living legends

On me personally the key note speech at the Eurosoil 2016 Istanbul Congress that had the strongest impression was the one held by Prof. John Ryan from ICARDA. Just meeting such a legend in scientific community was a great privilege and to be invited to visit his farm in Ireland goes beyond any of my expectations. Although I would have to note that all the key note speeches were supreme, as they were all held by the world’s top scientist, such as Prof. Yang Jae or Prof.Nicoa Senssi.

The organizers were great hosts starting with Prof. Ahmet Mermut, the president of this soil congress, they have surpassed all my expectations in being extremely polite and trying to accommodate our every need. On the funny side I did expect to drink Turkish coffee in Turkey and not American which was unfortunately the case, but at least the networking was great!

I would say that the mere fact that there were not so many delegates present made it much more easier for young scientists like me to network with the science legends such as Prof. John Ryan, Prof. Blum , Prof. Yang J., Prof. Karl and Prof. Rocia as well as Prof. Mahmud.

sessions-ava-342Also not to forget the young scientist symposium, this was held on the last day of the congress and got great attendance that made it a great discussion grounds. The first panel was on best practices in soil management, chaired by students from France; the second one was on land degradation chaired by students from Latvia and the third one on carbon sequestration and food security chaired by the Turkish students.


There were some great discussions during this three sessions, it was the liveliest of all the sessions, but then it was the Young Scientist Forum it should have been :)))


And just one more photo, we scientist do know how to have fun and make friends 😀 Great friends!

Big hug for my two Spanish friends! And to Hussein, Henry, and all the brilliant smiley faces here!20161019_181529sessions-ava-368

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