INiTS ski adventure

Afforest4Future had the privilege of being part of the INiTS ski adventure.

Sadly, part of our team had to stay behind due to a nasty flu which took away some of the potential fun. However, Afforest4Future was present in smaller numbers.

Starting in the late afternoon, we embarked on a bus and headed South to the Semmering to enjoy some fun hours in the snow, night snowboarding or skiing. A bus full of staff of the INiTS incubator and a range of start-ups promised some fun and engaging conversations – expectations, which were not disappointed.

With plenty of time to talk, success stories and challenges were shared and new friendships formed. Although there was generally little snow, the slopes were well prepared and flooded by the spotlights, inviting us to have fun on the skis and snowboards.


After a few hours on the slopes, a well-deserved break offered the opportunity to enjoy some delicious culinary goodness of Austrian mountain hut cuisine, after which it was back on the snowboard. Once 10 pm rolled around, the fun in the snow slowly came to an end. After a drink, it was time to call it a day, hop back on the bus and start the journey back to Vienna. All in all, the whole trip was a great success and a lot of fun, strengthening some friendships and giving us a break from the everyday operations.

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