Global Solutions Program 2017 at Singularity University


We are so humbled, honored and proud to announce that our founder Vesela Tanaskovic will be taking part in this years Global Solutions Program 2017 at Singularity University (SU) held at NASA research park in Silicone Valley! Being one of the 90 incredible people from around the globe to take on the challenge and tackle the Clime Change together, inspired and led by geniuses like Peter DiamandisRay Kurzweil  and many other masterminds of the 21st century that are part of the SU and XPRIZE!

Defining the new meaning of the word billionaire, as one who positively impacts the lives of a billion people in the next 10 years, they will try to find solutions to humanity’s burning issues with their moonshot ideas!

A bit on the program from the SU’s website:

Singularity University (SU) is a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build an abundant future for all. SU’s collaborative platform empowers individuals and organizations across the globe to learn, connect, and innovate breakthrough solutions using accelerating technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital biology. SU was founded in 2008 by renowned innovators Ray Kurzweil and Peter H. Diamandis and is partnered with leading organizations including Google, Deloitte, Genentech, and UNICEF. Its alumni, partners and members have generated more than 430 impact initiatives, including the creation of new start-ups, policies, corporate innovation, as well as patents and ideas to help advance its mission.

Global Solutions Program GSP, to which Vesela is going, and Global Impact Challenges GIC (the winners of which attend GSP) are entry points to a longer entrepreneurial journey that founders and teams can take with SU. Following GSP, you and your fellow participants will join the SU community of alumni and our growing global innovation ecosystem. Selected teams will also have an opportunity to enter our incubator program. An 8-week residential program, our incubator transforms early-stage innovations with the greatest potential for success into startups with minimum viable products. Once these startups gain traction, teams may apply to our startup accelerator program, which aims to help founders network, expand, and accelerate their ventures to scale.

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