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Dear friends,

We are so sorry to inform you that Eurosoil Istanbul, the most important soil science congress after the World Congress of Soil Science, was postponed to Second half of October, due to the terrorist attacks that took place in Istanbul recently. 🙁  Although we feel for people in Turkey and all over the world that are affected by terrorism, we believe that the best way to show our support is to try and promote this great scientific lap year event on our website and be there when it starts in Istanbul in late October 🙂

Short overview of the congress’s history looks like this: the first Eurosoil international congress was held in Reading-UK in 2000. The second congress was held four years after that in Freiburg-Germany. In 2008 the host for the congress was Vienna-Austria and the fourth was held in Bari-Italy in 2012. Since then the preparations and the selection process have begun for the fifth congress, that is being organized in Istanbul-Turkey.

Turkey is a nation straddling eastern Europe and western Asia with cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires the vibrant mix of peoples, races and cultures. As such it is quite a fit for an international congress that has such a huge variety of researchers from different parts of the world.

The Eurosoil 2016 Istanbul congress has gathered many experts from different fields of research (agricultural engineers, forest engineers, geological engineers, environmental engineers, climatologists, energy specialists, hygienists, etc.) starting with soil scientists from different countries and different backgrounds. As this congress is a great opportunity for the attendees to exchange their presumptions and inferences about soil related issues in an effective way, CSO of Afforest4future Vesela Tanaskovic a PhD student at TU Wien was meant to give an oral presentation of her PhD research.

After the acceptance letter arrived our CSO started her preparations for the congress that among other things included financial arrangements. Luckily for her The University of Vienna has realized in time the potential of her work and granted her a full scholarship. Thanks for that. 🙂

The topic for which she submitted her paper “Making the Sahara desert green – design of the system for sustainable transport of bottom lake sediments via pipelines to produce new agriculture land from desert” belongs to a wider theme of Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture and Soil Quality: A systems approach to improve Agroecosystem Services:

“World food production needs to double by 2050 to feed the increasing population. While high-input production agriculture produces greater amounts of food, feed, energy and fiber, the current management practices based on energy, chemical, and water inputs are expensive and associated with accelerated soil quality degradation and contribute to diminished agroecosystem services. As a result, the threats of climate change are constantly increasing, and in fact, its impact has already started worldwide. Sustainable agricultural management practices employ novel and holistic approaches and technologies to improve soil health, enhance agroecosystem services, increase farm economics and mitigate climate change effects. Farming practices may include continuous no-till, conservation tillage, cover crops, controlled traffic, and crop rotation. Adoption of these practices would: improve bio-diversification and biocontrol services, improve control of weeds and diseases, conserve soil moisture, control erosion, reduce soil compaction, improve drainage, fix nitrogen, and recycle nutrients. Optimization of soil amendments, such as compost, manures, bio-stimulant, gypsum and Zeolite is expected to improve the soil health with enhanced agroecosystem services.”

It would have been so interesting to hear the opinions of peers in this area, thus we are hoping that soon enough the situation in Turkey will be stabilized and we can tackle all the possibilities to stop and reverse climate change together, while also feeding people around the world using sustainable agricultural and agroforestry systems!

We truly believe that each of us can make a change, so let’s all do some good today; no matter how cloudy don’t turn on the lights during daytime, try to hydrate yourself with tap water and cool down with a nice breeze instead of air-conditioning for our one and only planet! 🙂

Stay tuned ‘cause this great event is only postponed and we will be informing you about the outcome. 🙂

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