We won ClimateLaunchpad finals in Austria

Dear friends,

We won the 1st place at Austrian National finals of ClimateLaunchpad!


So just a quick reminder! ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest clean tech business idea competition!

How does it all work? For starters we went to a ClimateLaunchpad boot-camp in Austria, that was superbly organized by Student Innovation Center-SIC , thanks guys! For two days we worked together with all the other finalists and coaches, who helped us formulate our somewhat vague ideas into tangible business ideas that we pitched a few times during the camp to make it perfect. As our trainer Mike Goodfellow-Smith would like to say Practice, Practice,Practice! 🙂

As all did during our bootcamp 😀


It was a great journey to have, with a lot of people willing to spend their time and share their experience in sustainable development and climate change mitigation. All the national coaches were very inspiring and very helpful indeed. Thank you all for the great input that led us successfully to the national finals.

The day of the final pitch was very overwhelming. We were all excited and eager to present our pitches to the national jury, but also to hear their judgement as you can imagine. After all the hard work we’ve done with our trainer and our couches we made it! We won the first place in Austrian finals, and are going to Europian Finals in Tallinn, Estonia on 7th of October with our mates from Plarene and INNO ROOMZ GmbH! We are looking forward to seeing you there! 🙂


It all starts with a great team of people collaborating to tackle the climate change.  In the meantime stay tuned for updates and do something good for your planet! 🙂

Check out the photos here 

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    1. We will do our best to make it happen Christiana 🙂

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