ClimateLaunch Finals in Tallin #CLP2016

Hey guys,

We just got back from largest clean tech business competition in Europe. Yes, you guessed right! It’s ClimateLaunchpad2016! #CLP2016
It was amazing! Two great days of exchanging ideas and possibilities to tackle climate change! And all of that happening in Europe’s Silicon valley Estonia.
So, we were pitching two days in a row and it was extremely exciting. First day of the gathering we pitched in the Carbon Negative theme and herd some great feedback from Noach Deich from Center for Carbon Removal organisation.
Second day we pitched in front of a different jury and it was a thrilling feeling! 😀 We got some extra positive comments indeed!
Congrats to fellow climate changers from Estonia who won the first place! Way to go Gleather! Interesting way to minimize leather production! Sponge from Turkey came second and Chrysalis Technologies from England came in third.
We also herd some very good pitches and great ideas from all over Europe, and some we already knew since they came from team Austria! 😀
This is a perfect opportunity to thank our national leads – the students’ innovation center – the sic team and  coaches Mike Goodfellow-Smith and Johannes Naimer-Stach from 288grad that gave us the support we needed during the competition.
Thank you guys for supporting us and stay positive and be Carbon negative! 🙂
P.S. You can check out the timeline of the event on Tweeter! With #CLP2016

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