So did anyone plant a tree recently?  :)  I certainly hope you did! Previously we talked about deforestation and it's negative climate impact on a global scale. So the reduction in forest area can happen in two ways, by deforestation and by natural disasters that are scaled up by the climate change. As opposed to natural disasters we have processes that show constant attempts of healing from mother nature. In this article I would like to remind you how nature is a strong force that use to have everything balanced. Forest loss contributes to 1/6 of annual greenhouse gas emissions. Photo: FAO/Joan…

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We won ClimateLaunchpad finals in Austria

Dear friends, We won the 1st place at Austrian National finals of ClimateLaunchpad! So just a quick reminder! ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest clean tech business idea competition! How does it all work? For starters we went to a ClimateLaunchpad boot-camp in Austria, that was superbly organized by Student Innovation Center-SIC , thanks guys! For two days we worked together with all the other finalists and coaches, who helped us formulate our somewhat vague ideas into tangible business ideas that we pitched a few times during the camp to make it perfect. As our trainer Mike Goodfellow-Smith would like to say Practice, Practice,Practice!…

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Preparing for Global Warming

Earlier in March our founder Vesela Tanaskovic gave a lecture titled "Me&Nis preparing for Global Warming", addressing the burning issues we all face today, what is that, which I can do personally to help mitigate or slow down the Global Warming? The lecture was held for two Rotary clubs based in Nis, her home town situated in the south-est of Serbia. This particularly wide theme was very well perceived by the audience and we had a lovely discussion afterwards. Parts of the atmosphere can be seen here... Everyone wants to contribute to mitigation actions, especially if such actions are explained and…

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