So did anyone plant a tree recently?  :)  I certainly hope you did! Previously we talked about deforestation and it's negative climate impact on a global scale. So the reduction in forest area can happen in two ways, by deforestation and by natural disasters that are scaled up by the climate change. As opposed to natural disasters we have processes that show constant attempts of healing from mother nature. In this article I would like to remind you how nature is a strong force that use to have everything balanced. Forest loss contributes to 1/6 of annual greenhouse gas emissions. Photo: FAO/Joan…

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Introduction to deforestation, forestation, afforestation and reforestation

Introduction to Deforestation, forestation, afforestation and reforestation   When we think about trees, the first thing that comes to our mind is that trees are lungs of our planet. That is a non disputable fact, but trees are so much more. To comprehend fully the benefits of afforestation and reforestation, one must first entirely understand the extent to which the deforestation is harming the global population, Earth’s soils and biodiversity, while pushing the Global Climate Change into the irreversible direction of Global Warming.   The Earths land mass has a forest cover that is approximately 30% of mainland. On this…

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