The Living University of The Blue Economy

A short visit to a parallel universe! *I have to apologize right at the beginning to all our friends, who are by now used to our relatively shortish blogs, this one simply couldn't have been compacted into a standard length. The Living University of Blue Economy by Ferdinando Iannone I thought a lot about this blog, and how to actually start a blog entry about The Living University of Blue Economy, the most amazing time of my life; the most important; the most fulfilling; the most inspiring? I am not even entirely sure how to define it, as I know…

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Eurosoil 2016 Istanbul

Dear friends, We are so sorry to inform you that Eurosoil Istanbul, the most important soil science congress after the World Congress of Soil Science, was postponed to Second half of October, due to the terrorist attacks that took place in Istanbul recently. :(  Although we feel for people in Turkey and all over the world that are affected by terrorism, we believe that the best way to show our support is to try and promote this great scientific lap year event on our website and be there when it starts in Istanbul in late October :) Short overview of the congress's history looks like this:…

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