Imagine walking along your favorite riviera, or beach, all that fuzzy cute feeling all those favorite restaurants and party places, maybe some of you shared your first kiss at a beach or more. Now imagine if you lived at the coast, all your childhood memories, all those moments shared with special someones with your family and friends , imagine all that now 
7m under water.

Imagine wanting to take your child to a tree you once planted with your father in your favorite park, but only now it has been long gone… This is unfortunately the future for ⅔ of our population, some of our most populous and most vibrant cities, like New York, London, Dubai, Stockholm, Kotor, Alexandria, Miami, will be lost due to manmade Climate Change.

Talking to people who already know about Climate Change will not get us anywhere, staying closed in your syloses does not make an impact, and certainly will not bring new awareness. This is the exact reason why we started the Blue Line project together with SRC, SU and many others we bring to you the predicted water level rise, at 2C if we keep it at moderate levels and do not push for 1,5 C. This line will be drawn across the globe by our activist sand supporters to rise the awareness in people who normally do not inquire, google, nor research about Climate related subjects.

We hope that Blue Line brings closer awareness of how important it is for every single individual to 
act now!

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