Eurosoil 2016 in Istanbul, a safe and stunningly beautiful megapolis in October

Finally my report from the Eurosoil 2016 in Istanbul   The awesome Eurosoil 2016 Istanbul Congress   Prof. Ahmet Mermut, handing me the trophy for the best poster at the Eurosoil 2016 :))) and I received it on behalf of Dr Jovica Vasin a Serbian scientist who wasn't present at the ceremony! LOL The Eurosoil 2016 Istanbul Congress was first meant to be in July, but due to the unfortunate events of the failed coup in Turkey, it had to be postponed on the 16th of July or the day it was meant to start. I boarded the plane that morning…

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The start of the INiTS startup camp

What a funny title, but hey it's all about learning how to start and launch successfully :) a startup. Coming from a technical and rather artistic background, like architecture fitting in this small strictly selected group of business minded people will be a challenge. But hey this is what we like the most, a good challenge. Half of the time I think that that was the reason why we won the Climatelaunchpad, seeing it as a challenge pushed us to go beyond ourselves and break all the boundaries we have created for us. This is why I believe a good challenge…

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Introduction to deforestation, forestation, afforestation and reforestation

Introduction to Deforestation, forestation, afforestation and reforestation   When we think about trees, the first thing that comes to our mind is that trees are lungs of our planet. That is a non disputable fact, but trees are so much more. To comprehend fully the benefits of afforestation and reforestation, one must first entirely understand the extent to which the deforestation is harming the global population, Earth’s soils and biodiversity, while pushing the Global Climate Change into the irreversible direction of Global Warming.   The Earths land mass has a forest cover that is approximately 30% of mainland. On this…

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We won ClimateLaunchpad finals in Austria

Dear friends, We won the 1st place at Austrian National finals of ClimateLaunchpad! So just a quick reminder! ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest clean tech business idea competition! How does it all work? For starters we went to a ClimateLaunchpad boot-camp in Austria, that was superbly organized by Student Innovation Center-SIC , thanks guys! For two days we worked together with all the other finalists and coaches, who helped us formulate our somewhat vague ideas into tangible business ideas that we pitched a few times during the camp to make it perfect. As our trainer Mike Goodfellow-Smith would like to say Practice, Practice,Practice!…

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