Afforest4Future wins EU eit Climate-KIC with 10 000 € grant cash :)


A short update on our progress 🙂 Afforest4Future got into the Climate-KIC accelerator!


Climate-KIC is Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate innovation to mitigate and adapt to climate change. With their initial support of 10 000 euros :))) and a possibility to get up to 100 000 in 18 months 🙂


I uploaded the photos from the actual pitching event and the ceremony later, I am so happy I think my smile wanted to get out of my face! Hahhahahh 😀



The bootcamp was awesome! Our coach was great Hans, the mastermind behind the pitch logic 🙂 and thanx to him we excelled even further!



Merry Christmas and Happy&Prosperous New Year! xxX

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