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Afforest4Future delighted to meet the British Royal family members!

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WE WON :)))

We entered the Climate-KIC accelerator program!!! :)))

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WE WON :)))

Proud 1st prize winner of Austrian national ClimateLaunchpad competition!

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Making the world's deserts green and ready to welcome the expected population growth

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Our vision

For the world's deserts

Our dream

Our dream is to make the world's deserts green. To help the world deal with 9 billion people in the most productive way, by providing beyond sustainable agroforestry fields build in deserts, by providing sustainable housing and sustainable energy.


Did you know that each year we lose 12 million hectares of arable land to desertification (23 hectares/minute)! On top of that 70% of the world's dams face dam siltation problems in the next decade, estimated costs are 21 billion $ per year. Can these huge problems be solved at the same time?


After four years of intense PhD studies at the Technical University of Vienna we now know that we can solve both of these issues simultaneously allowing investors, governments and dam officials in the arid regions to benefit from keeping the lakes clean by using our beyond sustainable transportation system.

Road to oases

We are a team of four dedicated people with a board of inspiring mentors, all with one focus of implementing this solution for the first time. We need partners from governments, industrial partners, financing institutions and willing farmers.

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Our latest media appearance

Global Solutions Program 2017 at Singularity University

We are so humbled, honored and proud to announce that our founder Vesela Tanaskovic will be taking part in this years Global Solutions Program 2017 at Singularity University (SU) held at NASA resear[...]

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Afforest4Future meets the British Royal family!

WOW! Such an amazing gathering and an otherworldly experience! Afforest4Future was invited to meet His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall 🙂 Big THA[...]

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INiTS ski adventure

Afforest4Future had the privilege of being part of the INiTS ski adventure. Sadly, part of our team had to stay behind due to a nasty flu which took away some of the potential fun. However, Afforest4[...]

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The Living University of The Blue Economy

A short visit to a parallel universe! *I have to apologize right at the beginning to all our friends, who are by now used to our relatively shortish blogs, this one simply couldn’t have been com[...]

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Afforest4Future wins EU eit Climate-KIC with 10 000 € grant cash :)

  A short update on our progress 🙂 Afforest4Future got into the Climate-KIC accelerator!   Climate-KIC is Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate innovatio[...]

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So did anyone plant a tree recently?  🙂  I certainly hope you did! Previously we talked about deforestation and it’s negative climate impact on a global scale. So the reduction in forest ar[...]

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Eurosoil 2016 in Istanbul, a safe and stunningly beautiful megapolis in October

Finally my report from the Eurosoil 2016 in Istanbul   The awesome Eurosoil 2016 Istanbul Congress   Prof. Ahmet Mermut, handing me the trophy for the best poster at the Eurosoil 2016 :))) [...]

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Carbon Removal Spotlight: Afforest4Future

Carbon Removal Spotlight: Afforest4Future We had a great interview with Giana Amador Center for Carbon Removal on how we plan to sequester carbon from the atmosphere.   The worst, the optimum and[...]

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ClimateLaunch Finals in Tallin #CLP2016

Hey guys, We just got back from largest clean tech business competition in Europe. Yes, you guessed right! It’s ClimateLaunchpad2016! #CLP2016 It was amazing! Two great days of exchanging ideas [...]

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Afforest4Fututre in new Science digest online magazine :)

Concept | Turning the world’s deserts green[...]

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The start of the INiTS startup camp

What a funny title, but hey it’s all about learning how to start and launch successfully 🙂 a startup. Coming from a technical and rather artistic background, like architecture fitting in thi[...]

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Introduction to deforestation, forestation, afforestation and reforestation

Introduction to Deforestation, forestation, afforestation and reforestation   When we think about trees, the first thing that comes to our mind is that trees are lungs of our planet. That is a no[...]

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Our KATANA pitch

Our Team

A great visionary, an inspiring environmentalist, and a super star fundraiser

Chief Scientific Officer

Vesela Tanaskovic


Searching for you

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Chief Technical Officer

Mara Tanaskovic


Fundraising & Strategic Planning

Mladen Jovanovic


You can reach us here

We would be so glad to hear from you :)

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