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We can make the Sahara green again.



Our vision

Our dream

Our dream is to make the world's deserts green. To help the world deal with 9 billion people in the most productive way, by providing beyond sustainable agroforestry and water-saving solutions, especially built for deserts. We want to green the Sahara, and we know how to do it.


Every year we lose 12 million hectares of arable land to desertification (23 hectares/minute!). On top of that 70% of the world's dams will face dam siltation problems in the next decade, generated an estimated $21 billion cost per year.


After four years of intense PhD studies at the Technical University of Vienna we can solve both issues simultaneously allowing investors, governments and dam officials in the arid regions to benefit from keeping the lakes clean while increasing the value of wastelands.

Dam smart!

We are greening the desert by leveraging a problem nobody is talking about. Our method can generate nutrient top soil to green the desert faster and cheaper. We do not alter the ecosystem but restore what was there once.



  • Technology 1

  • We offer a system that can be easily tailored to any desert's specific conditions.
  • Our patent-pending technology to sustainably and easily transport the mud from man-made lakes and use it as a top soil to plant desert native trees.
  • Full ecosystem restoration approach - to bring down temperatures and make the world's deserts abundant food forests.
  • Technology 2

  • Natural treatment without use of any chemicals. Compact plant for processing wastewater is designed as (industrially) manufactured unit for complete biological purification.
  • Plants are manufactured for capacities from 250 to 1000 ES with capability for upgrading up to 5000 ES.
  • Technology 3

  • A unique software solution to monitor the progress in new green areas. Our Machine Learning Approach can adapt in real-time its parameters (water, energy, humidity and more) to the dynamic environmental needs.
  • If AI can do everything better that humans, can you imagine what it can do to desert greening? We can make the Sahara a fertile food forest sooner that we ever imagined.


Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Vesela Tanaskovic


Fundraising & Strategic Planning

Mladen Jovanovic


Chief Technical Officer

Mara Tanaskovic


International Business

Andrea B., M.Sc. MIM

International Business

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